This pretty lady is my zumba instructor. She is a ball of energy and makes working out enjoyable, sometimes i even smile. I like to fool myself during a work out that I have moves like her so I try not to look in the mirror, imagine the shock when I do. I’m only about 10 inches taller and 100x more awkward. Any way, I had been wanting to ask her if we could do a shoot for a while but felt a little weird because at that time we didn’t really know more than each others names. I am so glad I did ask, this girl is so talented and inspiring. I had in my mind her at sunset dancing in some tall grass. I searched and searched for a location and kept coming back to this same spot. It was very deceiving at first glance but proved to be absolutely perfect. Goes to show you have to put yourself out there sometimes and just go for it. Now when we get together I make sure to leave my camera at home so I don’t have to beg her to go dance around in random spots for me. I bet she would though…….