The Norton crew. Oh and Gibson

They’re back! This time we threw this together last minute. Seriously I called Jess and tried to casually mention we should get these done before the storm came and that meant today. As in, go get dressed now, I will see you in an hour. Her response was, “um let me call you back.” What a good friend I have, everything worked out and I am so glad because two days later a snow storm came in and demolished half the trees in town.

This time around we got to bring their new family member Gibson. He is a sweet rescue dog that has fit in seamlessly since day 1.

Can you tell this dog is loved? Um Jess, you are beautiful


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  1. Jessica Norton Avatar
    Jessica Norton

    You are too kind and oh so talented. You take pictures of us that feel like and look like our memories of these very moments. Thank you for capturing our lives so beautifully… and for often pulling me out of my pajamas… so that we can have pictures of what we love to do most… spend time together. xoxx