I met Joe some time in elementary school when he played baseball here in Loveland with my older brother. The first memory I have of him is doing a backflip with all the baseball moms cheering him on. Joe was always around after that and when I graduated high school I shared a house with he and my Brother. Those two would torture me by annoying my cat, eating my beloved Velveeta cheese, and begging me to take them on late night Taco Bell runs (needless to say we weren’t eating healthy back then). Joe now works as managing partner at Wyatt’s with my Dad, so I still see him every week.

I didn’t meet Lindsey for a few more years, and when I finally got to spend time with her we were fast friends. She is one of the funniest and most honest friends I have. We bonded over Monday night mimosas in downtown Loveland, and our mutual love for rap music.  I have cherished our annual girls trips to Red Feather Lakes in Northern Colorado, and our impromptu dance parties!

Together Joe and Lindsey have created a beautiful family with their two daughters (and two bearded dragons). Their oldest daughter is sweet and little shy. While their youngest is a performer at heart. Both are little dancers and are totally natural in front of the camera.

I take any chance I can to get together with them and love capturing their family photos every year. I think this is the 7th year! They always trust my interesting location choices and laugh at my jokes (or they’re are laughing at me which is fine too). The memories made while doing family photos are important to me.  Life goes by quickly and excuses are easy to find, which is why it means so much when families make it a priority. Although the days are long, the years are so short.