For Morgan’s senior portrait session we met up at Carter Lake in the foothills west of Loveland Colorado. I can’t believe this is only 15 minutes from my house. I hardly ever make the time to enjoy this part of my hometown.

I love that Morgan is such a creative person. She always has a camera with her. I’ve seen some of her photography and videos, and she truly has a gift of being able to make such beautiful art. Her time with friends, and the vacations that she takes with her family provide a lot of opportunity for photography. After high school Morgan hopes to pursue a carrier focused around photography and video.
Morgan and her family love to travel together. The Sailors take family and adventure very seriously and she’s gotten to visit some exiting places over the years.

We spent some time right after sunrise in the pine trees that line the west side of the lake. From the early morning sun to the backdrop of lakeside pines, it all came together to create an authentic Colorado photo shoot.

Afterwards we met up with Morgan’s uncle (and our awesome friend) Jeremiah, at the Carter Lake dock to take a ride on his sail boat. Morgan’s uncle is a member of the Carter Lake Sailing Club. And throughout the summer season you can find Jeremiah and multiple members of the Sailor family taking part in multiple sail boat races. So it made sense to capture Morgan in this familiar element.

It was really interesting to see all that Morgan had learned in the previous summers out on the water with her family. This was a first for me however, and let me tell you, I carried the swaying feeling with me for days! I quickly learned 2 things: hold on and duck!

I can’t say I’ve ever worked in such a small space, but the challenges of photographing on a sail boat were really exciting. I’m so in love with the images we created, not only because they are so fun, but because I feel like we really brought out Morgan’s sweet personality!