Maddie and Joao Paris Engagement

This is such a small world we live in sometimes.  See if you can follow me… I have known Madison since she was a flower girl in my friends wedding. She has been a nanny in the last few years for those same friends, so I have gotten to see her off and on throughout this time.  Joao happens to be the older brother of my daughters good friend. I had only met him once or twice. Imagine my surprise when I found out they had connected!

My favorite thing about Maddie and Joao is their sense of adventure. I have never known any couple like them.  Any time they can, they are off to somewhere new. On their trip to Asia Joao proposed to Maddie on the beach of Maya Bay, in Phi Phi Thailand. Its beautiful (go ahead and click on the link)! And yes, that’s the same beach used in the movie, The Beach, starring Leonardo Dicaprio!

When it came time to book their engagement session, we were having trouble not only finding a date, but also a location. Colorado is Beautiful and I wanted to make sure their engagement photos were in an epic location. We were looking at dates in May and when I told her we would be in France, she said “oh, that’s funny, we’re going Europe in May as well”.  Fortunately we were able to meet up in Paris on our last day in France. I do not know how we got so lucky!

We were able to get together for about an hour, and made the most of our time in Montmartre. Literally every where you look is a dream. We found a sweet little alley with flower boxes in the windows and cobblestone streets. We then hiked our way up the hill to Sacré-Cœur.

My family were such troopers, following us around and carrying my gear for me. Traveling through France was an amazing experience and having the opportunity to photograph Maddie and Joao’s engagement there was the cherry on top.