If I try really hard I can still remember my senior year. One thing I really clearly remember was how exciting everything felt. I was newly 18 had a belly button piercing, a cool job, and no idea where life would take me.
I think one of the reasons I love senior portraits so much is that there are no rules and its a time to really just have fun! No location is off limits no outfit is too much.
My time with Laurel’s senior portraits in downtown Loveland was amazing. I think its so important to incorporate what you love into your senior session so we started out in a nursery with Laurel in her Pointe shoes. I LOVE how all of this worked together. Laure is an amazing dancer and even does aerial and has recently begin instructing little kids in beginner ballet. So fun!
I think senior portraits have come so far from posing in your letter jacket by a brick wall (this was what mine looked like) to literally anything you can dream of. Always make sure you bring your ideas to the table when dreaming up your senior portrait session.