Sometimes its just super cold when all the people you love are in the same place. And you know what, its still a good idea to have some family portraits taken! I am so happy that we all braved the weather so this beautiful family could update their photos.
The natural light in Colorado during winter can be so soft and glowing. We went out to a natural space in East Fort Collins where we found a dry river bed that helped protect us from the wind. Everyone was dressed in the perfect tones to match the environment. Can you handle the littlest gal in her fur vest? So cute!
I love a big family (my husband is the oldest of 6) and getting to witness these “kids” and connection with their parents and grown siblings was great. Everyone took turns cuddling and pretending that their toes weren’t freezing off and still had so much joy! I am so blessed to meet the people I do through photography and am excited to see this family continue to grow.
When was the last time you had a photo taken of you with your parents…. do me a favor and do it the next time you are with them!