Justin + Sarah Fort Collins Engagement Photography

Sarah and I go way back, we met in 4th grade! So many great memories from my childhood and teenage years involve her. Sarah and I only lived a neighborhood over from each other so we were constantly at one anther’s houses. Mostly annoying our parents and eating all of the macaroni and cheese we could get our hands on. We have been lucky enough to stay close through all that life dishes out and I still have the best time whenever we are together. Justin and Sarah met through work a few years ago and Together they have two beautiful daughters. It has been so fun getting to know him and see their relationship grow. Not to mention they are the best parents!

Justin is a mid westerner like my husband, and has a great sense of humor. Both guys think it is specific to the region. Sure! Nick and I recently taught them to play the card game euchre! My motto in the game is lets just see what happens… I have no skill. I don’t know if that makes us seem super old that we would rather get together to drink beer and play cards then go out, but don’t judge its a good time!

We decided to head up the Poudre Canyon in Fort Collins for their engagement photos along the river. Not far off a trail we took some portraits on a clearing of trees. The fall evening light was so soft and all the trees were just starting to change color it was so gorgeous. Colorado in the fall is honestly the best!

Sarah thought ahead and special ordered a long white lace dress just for the occasion and was a total trooper getting in the chilly water. As the sun was setting i had them go out onto the river rocks and get cuddly! I would like to take this moment to point out I safely traversed (So dramatic) over slippery boulders to the other side of the Poudre. I did this all without falling or dropping the camera! I can almost guarantee it was not graceful and I hope I impressed Sarah and Justin! The photos that resulted in this need to be a mural in their new home! I LOVE how they turned out.
Their wedding this fall in Beaver Creek is going to be so beautiful and I am so happy to be photographing it!