Ya, I know its February not October but I’m trying….

Halloween is tricky for me, I always want to make the kids some elaborate home made costume that they never want. Rude! This year Syd couldn’t decide between a flamingo and a bat but we only had a couple days and I had to make something. I had in mind a black and purple bat with a purple tutu and glitter. Ha! I need to remember who my kids are. Syd wanted a creepy bat with vampire teeth. After 2 trips to the fabric store that’s what she got. Chloe on the other hand has been dying to wear her suspenders (which she now wears to school weekly) and black frame glasses and nerd it up. Easy! Picture time, Chloe and I spent about half an hour outside while Syd allowed 2 picture! No joke.

Cant wait to see what they want next year.