I have known Hannah and Gary for some time now and when she told me she was pregnant I had to really keep my cool. I never expect someone to want to have their pregnancy and birth documented. But there is always hope! When I learned Hannah  was meeting with Midwives it was game on. From that point on we met regularly to talk about EVERYTHING. We were both on the same page with the education and knowledge she was gaining and I was so impressed with all the research she dove right into. Can you imagine my excitement when she asked me to photograph the journey! I know how intimate of a space this time in someones life is and I am always honored to be a part of it.

Together Hannah and Gary have remodeled a century old property here in Norther Colorado making it exactly what they want in a home. I knew the modern and crisp space was a perfect space to create some sweet maternity photos. Hanna gave me some really great inspiration for more abstract and moody portraits and we went for it. Using the shade of a tree in her yard and some beautiful flowing fabric for a backdrop we created some of my most favorite images to date. I feel like it is such a fun and modern take on your typical maternity photography. Oh man was it hot out so we were pretty excited when Gary got home to move the session inside. They went about making coffee and spending time together while I utilized the light from their bright and airy home. Once the sun started to set we headed outside to a local natural area for some sunset photos and some fresh air, also I made Hannah crawl into a huge flower patch!
Worth it!

You may not feel the most comfortable during the last few weeks of your pregnancy and it may be the last thing you want to do but before you know it that part of your journey is over so I always say go for it. Taking time to document all the stages in you and your families lives is something you wont ever regret.

Stay tuned for part 2, the home birth!