Does this guy look familiar to you….
Its not my husband Nick, its his twin Eli and his talented and beautiful wife Vanessa. They are identical and yes people often get them mixed up. So if you ever think you see nick out with another lady or he isn’t saying hi don’t be too mean because its Eli.  All 3 of Nicks brothers are now married so I am so stoked cause I now have so many sisters! 4 in total and they are all just the best and such great counterparts to all those men!
Eli + Vanessa live in Seattle so we only get to see them a couple times a year which is awful! Eli is lead fabricator at Argent Fabrication. They create amazing metal architectural pieces in  Seattle’s  most amazing homes and businesses. Vanessa is a graphic designer and photographer. Over Christmas break we met up at Loveland’s greatest coffee shop Dark Heart.  They make my favorite drink I have ever had, a spicy mocha. Go ahead and do yourself a favor and go try it the first chance you get. Or call me I’ll met you there.  It was so nice getting to spend time with them in a cozy environment with awesome light. Honestly we should have ended with coffee because it was freezing out! We wandered around Loveland’s finest alley ways pausing to warm up in the sunlight. I love all the different textures and hidden gems I find in forgotten and unused places. And there are usually cats.

Eli and Vanessa have been marries for almost 4 years and I love that they made the time to get some updated photos in the town they are both from!

Hopefully my little family can make it to Seattle this summer for a visit. I have only been once and I know there is so much more to explore.