Grace and I go way back and our lives have been so intertwined. Our fathers were friends when we were little girls growing up in small town Loveland. Her dad owned a restaurant and my dad was a wine rep. I am a couple years older than Grace so for some reason our parents thought I was for sure up to baby sitting. Well 16 year old Christa just wanted to have fun… I made her and her brother gather all the neighborhood kids for a game of hide and seek in the dark. Ya I think Grace was 8 at the time. Se was not having it.
Now the we are both adults and in the same industry we have still been having fun. Shooting weddings together all over Colorado, dancing the night away, seeing insane wildlife, and going through life together. She photographed my brother in laws wedding so she is pretty much officially part of the family now.
It is so hard having her live so far away. but honestly Castle Rock is not that far. But watching her family grow is the best part of it all. Her and Nick just welcomed a newborn baby girl and I am so thankful I was able to photograph this important time.