Carter & Mila – Rocky Mountain Proposal

Carter contacted me prior to he and Mila’s trip out to Colorado, knowing it would be the perfect opportunity to propose to his girlfriend.

The couple had so many of adventures planned during their week in Colorado, including lots of hiking and exploring the Rocky Mountains.

I woke before the sun had risen, in an attempt to reach Brainard Lake (down near Boulder) before the couple (only to see them turning behind me on the way up Left-Hand Canyon!).

Generally, I will bring someone with me try to appear less conspicuous (and not to stand-out in the middle of nowhere with my camera) This time my husband was here to help me out. I kept pretending to take photos of him asking him to casually follow Carter and Mila at a distance, so I could keep them in my sights. This sort of scenario will never not be completely nerve-racking, because I don’t want to be obvious and give the surprise away. This particular morning we were the only people in the area, so I gave them some extra space. And as soon as I gave Carter a thumbs up, he started his proposal.

Once they were entirely focused on each other, I was able to sneak in a little closer. And I honestly, I don’t even think Mila noticed me until after it was all over and I had introduced myself.

The early morning sun really made the fall colors on the mountain side pop. It was just a beautiful backdrop for such a sweet moment.

We spent the next hour or so in the surrounding wilderness and captured some great photos to help them remember this special moment in their lives. I had actually never been up in this particular area, so I was blown away with the beauty and opportunity for gorgeous photos.

I’m so thankful that Carter made this happen and I got to meet he and Mila. I’m also grateful that I’ve now been introduced to an extra destination for all my outdoor adventures!