Traci has been an important person in my life for more than 20 years. We grew up together. Taking vacations, camping in the back yard. To me she is my family, her parents my second parents. When any important moment in life happens like the birth of a baby or a PHD, no matter how far away from each other, we go. When she got engaged I started to plan immediately. And so did my whole family. We all made the trek out to California for her and Juan’s wedding. They rented an amazing home overlooking a lake for a whole week of relaxing, swimming, and eating. It was so beautiful and laid back, I mean who lets kids eat cupcakes in the pool at their wedding? Traci does!

We also got to have some much needed family time. Visiting Point Loma, the beach and Disneyland. Nick and Chloe got to boogie board for the first time. A lot of my family in in California and i was so thankful we got to spend time with them as well.