Dark Heart Coffee Bar – Loveland Colorado

By Christa Tippmann / March 30, 2020

I am always ready to capture Dark Heart Coffee bar here in downtown Loveland. I find the space so inspiring and the coffee as always is perfection. Recently they added on avocado toast to the menu and my oh my is it delicious. Every decision they make with their design, apparel, and menu are so…

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Colorado Staging – Old town Fort Collins

By Christa Tippmann / February 22, 2020

Working with Colorado Staging and Design is so fun! Seeing such unique homes looking their best is inspiring and I am always taking design ideas home with me. This lovely home located near City Park in Fort Collins was so bright and airy and was stages so thoughtfully. I seriously could have moved right in.…

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Gary + Hannah Northern Colorado Maternity Photographer

By Christa Tippmann / February 4, 2020

I have known Hannah and Gary for some time now and when she told me she was pregnant I had to really keep my cool. I never expect someone to want to have their pregnancy and birth documented. But there is always hope! When I learned Hannah¬† was meeting with Midwives it was game on.…

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Emma – Loveland Senior Portrait Photographer

By Christa Tippmann / December 30, 2019

The green Dinosaur was all Emma’s idea and I really really loved it. It was a slight challenge to make it look like we weren’t at a gas station and I think we achieved that. Emma has such a kind heart that is always up for a good conversation and is genuinely interested in how…

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Sykes Family – Loveland Family Photogrpaher

By Christa Tippmann / December 27, 2019

Summer in Loveland is so beautiful, everyone’s yards are blooming and everything is so green! Its a perfect time for family photos. Something I really love doing is taking advantage of the downtown area with endless unique locations (You know I love wandering alleys) and pockets of just the best texture. You never know what…

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Autumn and her little girl

By Christa Tippmann / October 5, 2011

Autumn and I had such a hard time getting these photos done. We had to reschedule about 4 times because of some crazy Rain storms but we finally went for it. We thought it would be fitting to incorporate books into the shoot because when Madison was born she was going through a rough time…

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By Christa Tippmann / September 12, 2011

Traci has been an important person in my life for more than 20 years. We grew up together. Taking vacations, camping in the back yard. To me she is my family, her parents my second parents. When any important moment in life happens like the birth of a baby or a PHD, no matter how…

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By Christa Tippmann / August 9, 2011

This pretty lady is my zumba instructor. She is a ball of energy and makes working out enjoyable, sometimes i even smile. I like to fool myself during a work out that I have moves like her so I try not to look in the mirror, imagine the shock when I do. I’m only about…

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Josh, Alicia and baby Judah

By Christa Tippmann / June 25, 2011

This was by far one of the most amazing experiences in my life. I love all things pregnancy and birth, being a home birth mama myself I was elated when Alicia asked me to be there when the baby arrived. We started the day off with both of our families going out to breakfast then…

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Mike, Lacy & the kids

By Christa Tippmann / June 13, 2011

When Lacy and I first talked about doing family pictures we just couldn’t decide on a place to do them. A few days later she was hesitant in asking if I would be willing to do them at their cabin up in the mountains that they are in the middle of remodeling. I couldn’t have…

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