The 3 Girls

By Christa Tippmann / July 23, 2012

Our great friends just welcomed their 3rd daughter into the Family. She is so precious! I love seeing the 2 older girls care for her and love on her, each in their own different way. Aren’t you glad you have all that “help” Michele?  I finally got to use this great vintage doll bed I…

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The Webers

By Christa Tippmann / March 4, 2012

I have been friends with Ian since we were 14! What…..that’s a long time. Beth and I had a math class together in high school before they even started dating. Now were all friends and our kids are best friends too. My Syd met Asher about 1 hour into life and they now call each…

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The Kreutzer Family

By Christa Tippmann / February 27, 2012

This was round 2 for this family, Last winter we took some photos in some freezing cold weather and it took a year for us to make a re shoot happen. I don’t know why it did, we saw each other all summer at book club and never set a date. At least we happened…

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Ashley, Jason and their 3 little boys

By Christa Tippmann / February 17, 2012

Ashley and Jason Just welcomed their third son to the family! In a house full of boys, dogs and a snake I am in awe of Ashley! She seems to have this boy thing figured out and really enjoys it. Congratulations you guys!

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Baby Charis

By Christa Tippmann / February 11, 2012

I just love this couple they are so relaxed and seem to have transitioned into parenthood so smoothly. They have the sweetest room for their baby girl, full of beautiful things to look at and lots of meaning full touches. This little one is so loved. They grow up so quick and I am great…

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Kroening Family Fort Collins Family photography

By Christa Tippmann / January 28, 2019

Sometimes its just super cold when all the people you love are in the same place. And you know what, its still a good idea to have some family portraits taken! I am so happy that we all braved the weather so this beautiful family could update their photos. The natural light in Colorado during…

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Eli + Vanessa Downtown Loveland photography

By Christa Tippmann / January 19, 2019

Does this guy look familiar to you…. Its not my husband Nick, its his twin Eli and his talented and beautiful wife Vanessa. They are identical and yes people often get them mixed up. So if you ever think you see nick out with another lady or he isn’t saying hi don’t be too mean…

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The Tippmanns Take Europe – Part 1 Germany

By Christa Tippmann / January 11, 2019

This trip was a long time in the making. Like 10+ years in the making. My Dad spend many years working for a company headquartered in France. During his time working for LVMH he was able to take many trips to visit wineries and vineyards where he grew to love the country. It had been…

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Jonathan + Elicia Loveland Family Portraits

By Christa Tippmann / December 17, 2018

This lovely family just moves to the foothills out west of town. Their home sits on a few acres of property that is next county owned land, as well as a stream and horse pastures. I love that driving only a few minutes out of town can put you in a whole new state of…

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Josh + Jenni Fort Collins Family Portraits

By Christa Tippmann / December 2, 2018

I have photographed this sweet family for the past couple years and I always look forward to seeing them! Josh and Jenni are so kind and their two daughters are always entertaining. As you can probably tell by the photos the older of the two is very motherly, calm and a great listener. The youngest…

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